Becoming Unic: How to Customize your Linkedin Profile

LD is a powerful tool for building social connections, it is the most business-oriented social network. Therefore, it is not surprising that we, as common users, are more familiar with its simple functionality. We all know how to create a profile or get resume from linkedin, but there are much more opportunities to set up your account.

When it comes to finding what you are doing on LinkedIn, you can make a lot of changes to your public profile settings. Therefore, make sure that you show what you want to show to any prospects and keep everything you want to keep safe only for your connections.

I will share with you those life hacks regarding the profile settings that I found on LPWS website. This is an excellent portal for finding useful information on LD. Here’s how to do it. First you need to go to your profile, then click on the icon of me, drop down and say “profile view”. And there, in the upper right corner, edit the public profile and URL.

Linkedin Public profile settings

So, the first thing you can change is to personalize the URL or website link for your profile. So here at the moment this is a slash of and then your name with a series of numbers so that I can change that. If I choose the simple name, for example, Elisa JobDiva, as the usual name, it is unlikely to be accepted, but I will just show you how you simply edit it and then say “save” and the system will tell you if it is available. So keep trying until you get it. I can try and change mine to Elisa JobDiva’ LPWS.

Linkedin Public profile settings

Now it is just the time to move on to other sections, so you have the option to edit the content. But this is a case of step-by-step passage of all sections, your resume, your experience, and it is described in different videos. But visibility is a key, and this actually applies even to people who are not logged in to LinkedIn, they can see a certain amount of content when you appear in the search results, so this public visibility.

Thus, the basic information that you need to specify includes your name, number of connections and industry, and then you can choose who will see your profile photo. In my case, I set this parameter as public. Or I could just leave it to all LinkedIn participants, for example, and then I have several sliders that I can choose what is shown. So at the moment I’ve studied everything, but in fact I could limit some of these sections to perhaps the current education and the groups in which I, for example, participate right now.

In the section of the automatic translated profile, you can have your own profile if you are looking for an international audience for targeting in different languages. Because the language I speak is German, so it is specifically included in it, but I’m just going to remove those, because I don’t really like machine translations of languages. They do not always work that accurately.

Finally, you can promote your profile by creating a badge on your website, so you just copy the code and paste it on your website. When you set up sections, for example, if I delete the summary that will be displayed just like that, now it looks just like that for everyone. And if you wish to do it back on, it will appear again.

So this is from me, this is a great way to just make sure that you are happy to share, remember that it is publicly accessible even for LinkedIn members, so that all this is searchable on Google, and what data you share on the Internet is always a factor.

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