Creativity in terms of psychology

Creativity belongs to a number of complex phenomena of human life; it constantly aroused increased interest from many psychologists, but it remained unexplained. We are all familiar with the expression of great minds who claim…Continue Reading

It was all a dream

We’re headed to Austin, TX, tomorrow and I’m so excited! Excited to make the journey with my favorite brew-rapper, excited to see and explore Austin, excited for Laurel and Paul to join us, excited to…Continue Reading

Really Good Times (Fly)

People say that a lot. And I thought it was just something people say, you know, to somehow account for lost time. But I think since 2012 began, I have learned that it is 100%…Continue Reading


I couldn’t possibly be more excited about being registered for CAMP! For a while now, I’ve been looking for a learning opportunity in the creative community to fill in the gaps in my small business…Continue Reading

Baby K’s First Stars

It is said that my brother’s first child, a son, will arrive into this world at the end of March. I took some photos of him and my beautifully pregnant sister-in-law to remember this exciting…Continue Reading