How to Shoot in a Crime-Fighting Boot

A little over a week ago, my man and I shot our second music video. Three days before that, I was put into what Gavin is referring to as my crime-fighting boot and denied the use of my left foot for a while…

Last year, we created The Rainbow Ranch Inn, an original rap + music video, to enter into the 2012 Off-Centered Film Fest and we ended up winning first place, which was an entirely fantastic adventure! So when OCFF announced that ‘HipHops’ would be its theme this year, we couldn’t resist. Gavin wrote another stellar brew-rap and we planned a shoot at Pfriem Brewery {a fantastic brewery that opened in Hood River last Fall and has since been totally killing it with their delicious Belgian-style brews}. What we didn’t plan, however, was a President’s Day snowboarding accident that would literally knock me off my feet.

But the shoot was planned for the following Monday and the festival deadline was the Friday after that. And the rap was already recorded and mastered and soo great for a music video. So Gavin took a trip to the Hood River Adult Center (which we were previously completely unaware of) and rented me some wheels! So, I rolled around in a post-op, vicodin-infused daze with a lot of help from my friends and shot the video. I had really hoped to bust a move in this video but I stayed in my chair and focused on how to use these wheels to my advantage. And I think it worked out just fine…

I’m really looking forward to sharing the video with you very soon but, in the meantime, I thought I’d share a list that Gavin put together for the making of this video. If you love Hip-Hop + the 90′s, you’ll love this list. We certainly enjoyed rediscovering these music video gems from Gavin’s greatest Hip-Hop inspirations!

  • Mos def
  • Kweli
  • Dr dre -Eminem
  • Biggie
  • PAC
  • Common
  • Jay-z
  • Kool mo dee
  • Run dmc

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