Really Good Times (Fly)

People say that a lot. And I thought it was just something people say, you know, to somehow account for lost time. But I think since 2012 began, I have learned that it is 100% true. Especially if you are doing awesome things. And I don’t know if my mother was right when she followed the cliché phrase with, “Just wait – you’ll see,” or if it’s just 2012. Make no mistake – I do not believe the world will end this year, I believe that it is a time of transition and re-awakening – something more along the lines of Mayan beliefs and less along those of Nostradamus and Hollywood. Truth is, this year has been amazing so far. I can’t believe we’re almost halfway through but when I think of all that’s happened in the last six months, I suppose it makes sense. But time is truly flying. So I figured I’d write a mid-year post to tell you about a few exciting 2012 highlights before it’s December and I’m wondering what the hell happened…

Early this year, we responded to a call for submissions from the 2012 Off-Centered Film Fest. I wrote a post about the project and boasted about getting into the Top 3 but somehow failed to write about the Rainbow Ranch Inn taking first place! The trip to Austin was way too much fun and I must admit, it was super exciting to see my work on the big screen and to accept that award. If you haven’t seen the video, check it out. It’ll put a smile on your face and a chuckle or two in your belly. Thanks to Gavin Lord, Wildwood Farm and all of our dear friends (and impromptu actors) for your love, your land and your ridiculously good looks. And thanks to the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema, Dogfish Head Brewery and Austin, TX for showing us a damn good time.

The whole idea of community is stronger here in Hood River, OR, than anywhere I’ve ever lived and not only do I feel happy and at home, it’s also great for business! Last December, I started doing business as G. Kennedy Creative and began the long and difficult process of figuring out how to build this website myself. After many, many late nights reading tutorials and forums, I’ve done it. It was a very good day when I looked at my website and thought, ‘OK. I did it.’ Which meant that I might start to get more sleep but also that I had somewhere for my art to live, my own little place on the World Wide Web that I could be proud of. After that was done, I was eager to get some media on the site that showcased this beautiful place I live in and the type of work I hope to do here. Enter Gorge Grown Food Network. I had known of GGFN through my work with FoodHub, so when Michelle McGrath of Gorge Grown proposed a funky video for the website and for their fundraising campaign this month, I said yes! We worked with Ben of Saur Farming and Anna of Ten Speed Roastery and I had a great time making this piece. If you like good food and handsome folks, give it a look-see!

On the flip-side, I’ve decided to enter into the wedding video biz! Only I’m not calling them wedding videos, I’m calling them love stories – because that’s what they should be. After much thought I realized that if I channel my love for love into this work and do things my own way, I’ll have a wonderful time telling love stories. I’m now a proud member of Gorge Unveiled and am so excited to be connected to all the fabulous, local wedding professionals that are also a part of the collective. I feel as though I am entering into the wedding industry on a very supportive and gracious team. I’m also very happy and honored to be listed on Hitched in the Hood’s local vendor directory. My goal is to work closely with lovers to create something that truly represents their unique love story – whether it’s a save-the-date video, a 16mm film to show at the wedding or documenting that very special day. I think there is so much room to be creative when it comes to documenting love and I’m going to jump right into it.

But for now I’m in Costa Rica for a couple of weeks! I’m so happy to be here and excited about what I’m doing here – I’m working with Campfire Creative as a Media Guide, documenting the awesome time that 9 high school kids are going to have on Walking Tree Travel’s ‘Costa Rica Sea Turtle’ program. I arrived last night, the kids arrive at the crack of dawn tomorrow and then we’re off! I can’t wait to meet them and enjoy this whole experience with them. I’m also quite pleased at the fact that I am not responsible for making any plans or arrangements here – I just go with the flow and to have a legitimate reason to have my beloved camera in my hand all the time. Our group leaders will be writing a blog that will feature my photos and videos while we’re here so if you’re so inclined, you can see what we’re up to while I’m here… ¡Pura Vida!

Thanks to everyone who has supported this little business in some way – I am so grateful for your energy, enthusiasm and camaraderie. Thanks to all the folks who have opened up new doors with new opportunities for me this year – I’m so excited about what we have created together and for what is to come. And thanks to the universe for making this year rock so far – keep it rollin’!

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